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January 6, 2011

CES 2011 – Surface 2

Surface Logo 2.0

EL DOSurface logo

This post is suppost to keep track of interesting news that’s shooting out left and right from CES this week. (Like Xolotl’s dying sperm shots in Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light). (the tragedy here, is that I don’t know ANYONE who cares about this CES tech shit half as much as I do)

Microsoft Surface version 2
(aka Samsung’s SUR40 tv) sounds awesome. AWESOME! I’m stunned this isn’t bigger news. … I guess people see it as a giant iPad that costs more than twice most high end tvs? (or they will soon? if they ever even hear about it?) butttttt. What’s really exciting is the “pixelsense” tech, which claims to be a bunch of camera sensors mixed in with the pixels, turning the whole display into a camera. Apple patented this years ago. but, microsoft made it. HMM! (actually, no one has laid out the tech exactly. who knows how many sensors there are).

I’ll rant more about below, after listing off some interesting tech announcements

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October 8, 2010

I hate halo

Joystick’s bullshit Friday “talk amongst yourselves” post asks : What is the most overrated video game.

this immediately broughtto mind: the entirety of the Halo series.

My friends have pressured me into getting each goddamned halo, and each time I : have no fun. (well, the cast of Firefly pressured me into getting HaloODST). Peer pressure must be a part of it. And I’m still quietly convinced the main reason this game sells is thanks to stoners, and Microsoft itself buying a few million copies to artificially boost sales.

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