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January 22, 2014

Nintendo WiiU – should go TOY crazy (NFC)

Since PS4 and Xbone are selling millions, and WiiU is still choking, many analysts are preaching Nintendo’s doom, and returning to this bizarre idea they need to flush all their IPs out to the mobile market. Michael Pachter has been suggesting this insane notion for years (god love ‘im). Reading this collection of smart op-eds at Gamasutra and this featured blog post by Chip Sineni (mostly poo-pooing that poop idea), I was struck by a different idea which has me all excited. so i’m storing it here on the blog for posterity.

my armchair solution: the best thing Nintendo could do is go whole hog at the NFC toy angle.

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April 29, 2013

WiiU : where’s the (magic) beef

For months now, everyone keeps noting that the WiiU is a disaster (1)(2)(3)(4) – and nobody can suggest how to fix it. Not that people have too many different ways to fix it, mind you. Nobody can suggest a single reasonable way for Nintendo to turn it around. As if it was an insurmountable problem. Instead of fixes, they offer up bizarre suicidal ideas like : suddenly launch a new console; stop bundling the costly gamepad (even though it’s the main innovation); sell those precious Nintendo franchise games on other people’s systems (and follow in sega’s footsteps to embarassing obscurity).

Well, I have a solution.

All Nintendo needs to offer is : the magic.

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February 21, 2012

internet rant: about some other ranting about ranting ranter rants

A story made “the cut” at PAreport today, which seems to tie into a bigger social problem I’ve seen rear up repeatedly over the past few months (years?). The problem: the consumer’s sense of entitlement.

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January 18, 2012

The Games Industry in 2012: quick thoughts

Chris Kohler’s thoughts on What 2012 Holds for Nintendo, Sony and More has me daydreaming about the industry. My response:

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January 4, 2012

Top 10 Trailers of 2011 (a mix of movies, video games, and not-actually-video promotional materials)

I think it’s interesting to keep track of great marketing maneuvers. The kind of things that are easily lost in time (especially if the product promoted is eventually revealed to be garbage. That doesn’t mean the trailer was bad! ). This list is mostly designed to catalog why certain strange things impressed me. I listed 15 things, because I didn’t have the heart to cut 5 of them. They’re listed in order of personal importance, not necessarily in order of quality or import to society (because it’s my blog – neener neener).

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August 31, 2011

Sony brings back Strap-On Displays

This gamasutra story caught my eye: Sony 3D Headset Coming To Japan This November.
so I posted this comment:

classically, VR goggles (“strap ons”) never caught on because:
– there was too much light/heat too close to your eyeballs (slight cookage). But maybe OLEDs won’t have this problem?

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July 13, 2011

Kris Straub – Jacked by One-Note Plagiarists?

I’ve been following Doctor Straub for some time now, because he’s just damned funny. And internet famous (like small indie bands of yore? It still feels exciting to be fan of his, because he deserves more fame than he has?). So I was disturbed to read that he suffers from little plagiarism indiscretions (if not monetarily, then intellectually). (edit: er. or maybe he just sees friends suffering from it, and it makes him think about it)

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February 25, 2011

User Feedback based design, and Biometrics

I’ve become very interested in “redesigning the game, after I gather mass of data.”
(I guess it’d be neat to change a game on the fly while gathering usage feedback, but since the tools I would use aren’t going to be widespread anytime soon – much more interested in iterating on a game which can end up widely distributed).

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February 17, 2011

copyright: Do copies need to be physical? (duplication vs. translation?)

Reading this “Did Watson Succeed On Jeopardy By Infringing Copyrights?” article got me thinking about copyright again.

Someone commented that OF COURSE google book scanning is copyright infringement. here is my (perhaps naive) reply:

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February 17, 2011

Analyzing Fighting Forms (cameras, stats, private communities)

Would be cool if gyms sold videos as a standard service.

Just setup a couple flip cams around the room, covering the ring from all angles? When anyone steps into the ring, a recording starts (records to disk). Or maybe you trigger it by pressing a button before you start your sparring session. $2 to 5 bucks to download the giant raw recording via usb or simcard. maybe a couple more bucks for a dvd of it to be burned and delivered – next day. No restriction from recording your own videos for free, with your own equipment. This would just be a for-your-convenience cheapo service.


and someday soon, you could setup kinect cameras,

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