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November 19, 2010

Rock Band 3 changes everything with Pro mode.

I bought the keytar RockBand3 bundle. I bought the cymbals to upgrade my beatle’s Ringo drum kit. I have three mics (but only one mic stand). I have the old original rockband guitar (plus the original red PS2 guitar hero[GH] guitar, white xbox GH2 guitar, wireless black gibson GH guitar). I’ve purchased almost every Harmonix game (but stopped buying GH titles after the Aerosmith tie in).

Last night I received my madcatz “Mustang pro guitar” and played with it for a couple hours. BLEW MY FUCKING MIND. I couldn’t be more excited about the music game genre right now.
So here are my ranting comments, in response to a Gamasutra article about why music games are over. SIGH)

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November 17, 2010

Kinect Gears of War idea

my dream for a Kinect Gears game (since I can’t make it) (as commented on wired’s Game|Life)

You are the president (of what remains of the human race basically).

A) You give speeches to the troops, with a first person pespective from a podium (minor kareoke mechanic decides if you are reading the teleprompter). Choose different speech pathes (a or b, color coded to indicate angry or heartstrings text) by gesturing to left or right.
Kinect tries to detect if you’re “spicing it up” with swear words or certain gestures. Like Dance Central: for delivering speeches.

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November 9, 2010

Valve Developer Commentaries (idea)

After reading Brandon Sheffield’s recent interview with Erik Johnson at gamastura, I had idea (might be a poor idea…):
It’d be charming/funny if Valve offered Easy, Medium, and Hard commentaries.

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November 4, 2010

Kinect : Gears of War (idea)

…I’ve been obsessing on Kinect all day. Wondering at how to make a serious game with it.

Keep thinking there could be an cool game that mixes two things:
1) the super-photo sleuthing from Blade Runner (“quadrant 3, enhance. go back. turn 10 degrees. enhance.”)
2) giving speeches (reading text aloud. maybe deviating from script if crowd is getting restless. emphatic gesturing.)

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