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April 26, 2010

Review: Fringe Tv Show: White Tulip

This was my favorite episode of Fringe. EVER. (so far).

It was probably good enough to make up for all the shitty episodes this season. Good enough that i’ll be buying the set, just so I can study this episode in more detail.

Spoilerific Summary:

Walter encounters a peer.

Walter is a crazed genius who can move between dimensions, but here we see him meet a mad scientist who is able to move through time. they trade notes, lament their similar family-loss sob stories (which drove them each to their mad science speciality), and in the end they argue over the nature of god/science.

And, arguably, they both turn out to be right.

You don’t have to know the history of Fringe to appreciate. It can be enjoyed stand-alone, and I’d recommend watching it right now. Just go here

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