checkup: hoo ha

nothing much new really. Feels like I’ve placed my whole life on hold for over a month, while pining for a paying job with friends. Should be resolved soon. i hope. good lord.

Daniel Waters, the writer of Heathers (and helper on scripts of hudson hawk, Demolition Man, and Batman Returns), recommends the work of PAddy Chayefsky and Billy Wilder. I just mention as a note to self, so i can throw away a scrap of paper. He also recommends “The Second Sex” by Simon de Beauvoir, to anyone hoping to write women characters.

I’m going through the stack of notes on my desk today (having already paid bills and entered receipts). In theory i’m hoping to get to some website work. But i’m guessing i’ll be distracted by the huge stacks of videos games comics and books that have piled up. this kind of makes me sad. but not really. 🙂

I started playing Fallout3 yesterday (it’s locked up my xbox360 twice, while exiting buildings. wtf?). Started jericho on PC (it was on sale for 9 bucks) – i stopped playing almost immediately because i could see that i was deeply in love with the game’s story/style and wanted to put some time into Fallout3 first.  Also played some of sam and max episode 205 (the end of season 2) last night, because i recently received the season DVD in the mail, and am eager to listen to some commentaries.

For some reason, my favored activity of late is : laying in bed, in the dark, listening to audio on my computer. which usually means movie commentaries. Though I’ve also downloaded some audio books recently, so i’ll have to give that a shot. Video games are neato, but my chair (PC) and the living room couch (Consoles) are both crappy and hurt my back. I also like laying in bed and reading books (currently working through WizardAndGlass, with little breaks taken to read graphic novels from the library), but this also hurts back/neck.

Feel like i need to replay Gears of War (on PC this time, perhaps, since i never even opened this purchase), to prep for the sequel. Feel like i need to play the old Fable before buying the sequel. Don’t feel a lot of excitement for The Force Unleashed, although i just stopped playing at the start of a cool looking level (shiny mushroom planet), and was having a great time. Never even started playing Condemned2, but am psyched to start, since i really loved the first game.

I dont’ think it would be fun to read about my return to TV watching, thanks to so many shows being freely/legally available on the internet now. Suffice to say there is a huge time sink there as well.

tons of fun things everywhere. And i feel like, if i’m going to head back to 9-to-5 town, i should just treated every free moment like vacation. As if i’m somehow going to sit down and spend every free moment on personal projects again the moment the job starts. as if all these entertainment distractions won’t overwhelm my free time once i’m back in the grind of working for others. hmm.

still, i’m optimistic. live it! LIVE IT!


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