So What did i accomplish today : nada.

last night we all stayed up late finishing the third season of Lost. WOW THAT IS AN AMAZING SHOW. I stayed up later and watched the Heroes season 3 online rerun, and was struck by how much better Lost is. was. is.


Anywho. if i acheived anything in the last 24 hours, it was obsessing over the need to tell a story with dramatic flashbacks that reveal crucial info about the conflicting protagonists. i wonder if there’s some clever way to spoof it. (What’s ironic here is that issue 2 of VidHero is littered with flashbacks, but i didn’t make the connection until just now. now i’m staring at the keyboard wondering what is different. what was i missing. but my train of thought is all wrecked).

while picking up a friend, i head a hissing. thought one of my tires might be leaking. but they looked fine. so, while driving on home i noticed the heat was maxing out. eek! this morning i got a call from waldow, asking if i could go with him to pick up a car he had in the shop. wish i could remember the name. it was KICK ASS to drive this car. felt like bing in the road warrior. incredibly cool, agressive, and speedy feeling. although it had very little power, and was falling apart. i couldn’t get the seatbelt to work. the side view mirrors were useless. the rearview mirror had mostly eroded away behind it’s shield. the gas gauge was stuck on empty. And there was actually a guage labeled simply “Volts”. it was pimp. I would have happily paid a grand for it. maybe could have been talked into two. but he wants 5. sooo. blah blah. the point is it was pimp.

after we drove back from his mechanic, i asked if he go with me to my mechanic (a gas station up the road that helped me out a few years back when my mom’s van threw a timing belt). this mechanic told me my water pump was about to go. but wasn’t gone yet. i couldn’t get a straight answer about how afraid to be. Something about a bearing being gone which allowed a small amount of leak, but i wasn’t in trouble until a ton of fluid leaked. So i’m driving it down to Albany tomorrow.

i spent some time discussing my strange hatred of cars with some pals afterwards. hard to explain.

anywho. talked with friends at length. watched Hancock (meh).

and right now i’m trying to decide if i should stay up and watch King Lear (with James Earl Jones), or sleep so i can get up early tomorrow (the idea of trying to go to sleep before i’m exhausted strikes me as bizarre these days), or just drive down to albany right now while traffic is light (though if my pump goes, i guess i’d be sleeping in my car somewhere so i could call parents/friends for a ride a decent hour). in theory i’m heading down tomorrow to see the folks, get some free lunch, free laundry, and maybe a free dinner and movie. which adds up to maybe 40 bucks. which is roughly the cost of gas. unless my pump breaks and i burnt out the engine. in which case i guess it would be a stupidly expensive gamble. i hate to gamble. but i feel weirdly like i have no choice but to see whether i’m making a huge mistake driving this car down. it’s weird because i can’t explain this decision i’m already made. hmmf.

i think i may start labeling these random life insights “checkup”, just so they’re easier to ignore for anyone who might only be interested in vidHero related items. one must dream.

final weird thought. there was an episode of lost that started in a beat up car, with some doctor listenging a loud scratchy old nirvana song off In Utero. Friend Alex wondered if it wasn’t the grisled russian character with eyepatch that we’d seen for several shows, at first. I was then overwhelmed with excitement at the idea of a russian rolling around blaring pop punk nirvana (the popularity of InUtero kind of mystifies me) while drinking and maybe shooting random people. for some reason i thought this was an incredibly powerful exciting vision that i had to see on film. weird. Tempted to throw it into issue 2 of vidhero just because it would kick ass.


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