What did i accomplish today?

I’m slowly settling into the mindset that i didn’t land my recent dream job, despite being weird, cold, and manic during the interview. go figure. Sooo, today was the first day in a few weeks where i sat down and tried to work an 8 hour shift (for Solid Fuel)(I’ve been farting around quitting cigarettes and praying for this job, to the tune of not really keeping any normal hours).

didn’t really work out that well today.

Woke around 11am, with a crick in the neck. spent maybe 3 hours on logo refinements and variates for Incognito. No word yet on whether any is perfecto. then i took a break and made some lunch. which turned into watching RichardIII (Ian McKlelelelelellen’s version). Then i put in some time on Wii Fit. and took a shower after it kicked my ass. and here we are. 6:30pm. downloading some movies to watch later.

All I MUSSST do today, is another Vitreous Humor. If only i could somehow tap into that part of my mind that has proven loyal to the arbitrary vitHumor semiweekly deadline. hmmf.

currently on chapter 4 of the Learning ActionScript 3 book. Slightly baffled by their event propagation model (illusion). Moving on to the display list. it seems the book has shifted from being boringly obvious about cliche programming tasks (if statements and while loops) to acting like it’s being obvious about weird flash malarky (the ways different elements trigger events, and the need to catch them).

anywho. In theory, i think it would be a fine idea to write at least one boring blog a day (like this one!), documenting my progress in painful detail. so i could look back and see what i was doing. Even better would be to post a quick entry everytime i shift tasks, to more clearly time my hours. hmm.

we’ll see. apologies? hmm. not sure anyone’s really reading this blog. ho ho ho. nor am i sure why i would ask them to. EEEK. i’ll work on this problem later.


2 Comments to “What did i accomplish today?”

  1. sweet! thanks maria. it is reassuring to hear.

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