You say Pijamas, and i say PIZRH#@B!ARRR!

Erk. I’m rather sick right now. Fairly congested and dizzy. Soooo, to briefly rant about trivial details (and pretend they represent progressssss!), here’s what I accomplished today:

– purchased chicken wire, paint, spray snow, Obi Wan’s jedi starship toy from Episode3, several kinds of tiny halogen light bulbs, 2 sample metal parts for chain link fences (which look like one of vidHero’s shoulder projectors, when held together). Most of these are elements for a jedi space sequence I’m planning to finish off for Bravado Entertainment (only 5 years late!). I guess I’ve already started. hmm.

– sawed a fine piece of wood in half, and screwed 7 supports into my wall, to finally finish this shelving project i started a couple months back.

– thought a bit about what to write in the first issue of the comic, in lieu of a proper letters page. Many ideas and complicated pun filled thoughts. But ultimately I haven’t typed out a word. erk.

– watched the 1964 version of the Hemingway’s The Killers. Loved it.

– bought some food. Cooked BBQ chicken legs for dinner (for moi, and the 2 roommates).

– bought the book “how to make web comics,” and am 110% sure it was a wise decision. now i just have to read the damned thing. and think about it. and implement it. bleh.

and in possibly related news (of creative processing), Carrie and I sang a certain song last night, for our friend Kshawn to put in his documentary. I thought it was kind of hilariously perfect. And he seemed to enjoy the final cut i sent him (of COURSE! how could anyone resist it’s rough imperfect charms!). but he also seems to be making it clear we’ll need to do another take. which I expected. but … somehow i hoped wouldn’t be necessary.

erf. so that is all. monday is over. time for sleep. must shake this head cold. erk.


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