seedy questions for bleeding fools

page 14 revisedthat title is one of many alternate titles for issue two. wee.

I’ve reworked the first issue. hopefully much improving it. hmm. just sent off 72dpi versions of each page to trusted confidants for the final critical review. Very exciting to think it might finally be done!

and by done i mean : something i could manage to be vaguely proud of.

which would be a big step forward. I’ve been working all night. so maybe it’s the mid morning optimism illusion. maybe i should have slept on it. I can already think of a couple things to add in. but, at some point you have to shoot the engineers and barrel into production. that’s a paraphrase of some advice my dad likes to give me everytime i see him.

mostly i keep thinking “I can live with rough art, and i can live with a cliche story. but i can’t live with confusing art or a badly told story.” woof. anywho. progress. a bit late for the Olympia show this weekend. probably. but progress feels good. i’m eager to put it to bed and move on to the multitude of other aspects to this vidHero project. And eager to put some more time in on the various entertainment time sinks. crack crack crack.

right now, its time to sleeeeep.


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